Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Night Glow at Putrajaya

After gotto to know about the first ever hot air balloon fiesta at Putrajaya, we made an afford to go to experience it......especially for kids. Pei and I had neither have a close encounter with it yet. The event starts at 7.o0am but the main event is at 8.00 am when the participating balloons take off and fly. Unfortunately we arrived late on 8.45am and missed the excitements. We only saw one showcase balloon which for visitors to have a fun ride on it.......at a cost. Anyway tickets are all sold out. Nevertheless, we hang around for about one and half hours photo taking and visiting the exhibitor booths.

Feeling not satisfied, we decided to come back in the evening to watch the night flow show which will be on 8.30pm. This time around, we try to be early if not on time.

By the evening, my family and Silas' family reach about 8.30pm at the same location. Thank God, we wasn't late. The show was delay slightly. About 9pm the nigh glow slowly warms up with balloons mushrooming one by one from the ground and starts to light up. Not really a 'wow' thing but still was quite an experience. We located a spot and sat on the ground to watch the event. About one hour (or maybe less) the event ended. Not bad for a 1st time experience but could have been better. Maybe next round then.


d'Lion said...

Nice... maybe next year we will go too.

cck said...

Overall a good family outing. Lets wait for next year

Allan & Anne Palace said...

haha, that nice. so warm have gathering. Good ya.