Monday, March 16, 2009

Ivan's music class

Much to our delight after two and half months, Ivan have been progressing well in his music lesson at Yamaha. Last Saturday, Ivan's teacher commented that he has shown a lot of improvement participating in the class lesson. Pei also mentioned that Ivan is less clingy to her during the lesson. I am quite relief to hear this feedback. Earlier we were worried as he don't want to interact and anticipate with other childrens and the music teacher.

Another three more months Ivan will be graduating his MusicKid foundation course. Hope he will continue to benefit from the on-going lesson. Most important the social factor of it where interaction with his peers and other adults will too benefit in his growth.

We are looking forward for the graduation day which is on this coming June. Before that Pei gotto make a costume for him to participate in the graduation group presentation.

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