Thursday, March 19, 2009

Down with wheezing again

Unaware, today Ivan has developed wheezing again. We don't understand how or what trigger the wheezing. Last two days there were a slight coughing that's all. We should have been more sensitive on the turn about of his health.

By the time I came home in the evening, Ivan is already wheezing quite badly. We brought him to the nearby clinic to quickly reduce the wheezing effects. If not he will have a very rough time to sleep in the entire night.

I wasn't very happy to see him suffer like that. I wish he don't have to go through it at all. What on earth might have trigger his wheezing? He was doing fine after the last episode of attack back in Nov 2008. In fact his weight has reached to 16kg already! I am very perplexed by it.

Hope he quickly recover from it tomorrow.


sheela said...

aww poor Ivan..Dear Lord we pray for good health for Ivan and may He be healed completely from wheezing.In Jesus name we pray.Amen..
**get well soon Ivan**
Lots of love:)

d'Lion said...

In Jesus name we pray... Amen!

cck said...

Yesterday nite Ivan was able to sleep well. Still got slight wheezing. Mummy going to bring him for follow up this morning. Hopefully to clear the congestion further. Thanks guys for praying.