Saturday, February 21, 2009

Celebrating Reanne birthday

We were at what the local calls it 'small little Genting Highland' aka 'siew wan deang'. A place situated at Pusat Pelancongan Dan Menara Tinjau, Jalan Hulu Langat, Selangor. We were there celebrating Reanne 1st birthday....2nd time but on her actual day.

It was our first visit there except for Silas and Rachel, who have been there once. When we reached there, the Look Out Point restaurant was already quite full. Must be the over spilling from the day before i.e. Valentine's day. We got a nice table for 9 of us including 3 kids. The night scenery was really fantastic. The foods was acceptable if not for the great view from the top. Western foods with some familiar local delights are available too. We ate, we shoot photos after which we adjourn back home for the finale of singing, blowing of candle and feasting of cake.

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joshua said...

Nice view but the food is not that nice, actually. 8-)

cck said...

I agreed. Only on acceptable level.

The irony is, people will still going there if not for the view. Hence, the owner/chef will not have the urgency to improve the foods. Che, che, che......