Saturday, February 21, 2009

My valentine

This year valentine was extra special. Not only we celebrated the world valentine day, we also celebrated Reanne 1st birthday with my in-laws. It happens to be a day after my sister in-law, Soo Mei's birthday. Triple celebration all together!!!

We want to thank both Gary and Soo Mei for offering their house to host the event. As the ladies were busy playing with Reanne and Ivan, the men was busy on our way cooking. Gary, Brian and I were preparing and cooking the spaghetti pasta. The ladies later prepared the salad. Our meal was simple and most important taste very nice! Every body have their full. Then on to the main agenda, singing birthday song and blowing of candle for Reanne 1st birthday. Did I forget to mention that prior to the singing of birthday song, there were no power for couple of hours while we cook and eat. Very special valentine indeed.

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