Thursday, February 12, 2009

CNY Lion Dance

This year Chinese New Year celebration we did fewer traveling and visitation. One reason being we have traveled a lot just before Chinese New Year period. We went to Penang island during Christmas and later Pangkor Laut Resort just one week before CNY. Much of the CNY break we were doing our errands.

On CNY 2nd day as tradition requires it, we visited our in-laws. All the siblings were there. One thing special for this year was that lion dance was being arranged by my sister in-law. Added to that this year we have Reanne around celebrating her 2nd CNY. Reanne was born last year on the 9th day of CNY. So, indirectly that was her 1st CNY celebration.

Then on CNY 6th day, we when for Matthew's and Peggy's daughter, Priscilla full moon celebration at Melaka. There we too were greeted with lion dance. Something interesting for the kids. Unfortunately Ivan was not really fond of the lions. He don't like to go near it nor touch it even though we tried to show and explain to him that there were actually people inside it. On the other hand, Reanne was not scare of it.

Two lion greeted Sim's and Chong's family

Two lions (specially from DAP) greeted Matthew's family on Preicilla's full moon

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