Sunday, February 15, 2009

Reanne 1st Birthday !

Praise the Lord, today Reanne will be going to celebrate her 1st birthday! A remarkable milestone for her indeed.

Just as we did for Ivan, me and my family want to give all our thanksgiving to God our Father in Heaven. He has granted Pei and me two wonderful children. God has greatly blessed our lives and made our heart desires come to pass. Thank You O Lord.

Our prayer is asking You, Father to grant us Your passion, Your unfailing love and Your grace to enable us to become the best parents, teacher, mentor and shepherd we can be for our children. So far it has been challenging one. Nevertheless we lift both of them to Your mighty hand. In Christ's name. Amen.
see I am one year old already!



d'Lion said...

Congratulations Reanne on your 1st Birthday.

Uncle Daniel

Aty Cheryl said...

BleSSed B'lated Burp-day Reanne!
Haiii....this aunty is forever late!!!

cck said...

Tank u, tank u :)

Is the heart tats count.