Friday, February 13, 2009

Trip to paradise (Part 2)

Continue on our 2nd day at the paradise Pangkor Laut Resort has been very refreshing and relaxing as well. The island have some how made us (maybe just me) forget about time. I am for one a time conscious freak (many times drive Pei crazy). From the moment we woke until the evening was a very an enjoyable time with the my family and Philip's family. It's so hard trying to describe and explain the sense, feeling, emotion when being there to you all. You just gotto be here experience it. You will sure not regretting it even a single bit.

I just love the beautiful beach there even though I am don't know how to swim. The sound of the wave is very soothing to hear while relaxing on the sun chair. The kids where busy playing with the sand and of course the water as well. Ivan prefer more to building sand castle (I think). We even have our lunch just a few steps away from the beach. Once again the food are fantastic.

In the evening all long hours at the beach, we dine at another restaurant. This time is a chinese cuisine type at this special restaurant that is build on top of an existing boulder of rocks and trees. So unique.

with the family photo session

around the resort

can't get enough of the beach

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