Friday, May 30, 2008

Cast your net

Please to inform that we have 'gave birth' to two (2) new 'babies' i.e. Mezra Builders Enterprise and Mezra Marketing & Trading on 26th May 2008 in launching ourselves to the deep by faith.

'Mezra' word was derive from original Malay word 'mesra' which mean friendly, hospitable, amicable (Webster's Online Dictionary Malay-English). To give it a global image, we change the 's' to 'z'. It also derive from the anchor word 'Ezra' which mean 'My Lord is my helper'. In Turkish 'Mezra' is also means 'arable field'.

In a quick glance, each of them will embark in separate business section:
  • Mezra Builders Enterprise will deal with construction from design, conceptual to physical constructing works.
  • Mezra Marketing & Trading will deal with products marketing and also trading. We are currently working out the products to be brought for marketing
A separate dedicated blog will be posted to service the above. So stay tune for further updates.

In the mean time, should you or your friends/contacts need such service feel free to give me a buzz. We are open for business!

"Put out into deep water, and let down the nets for a catch." Luke 5:4


d'Lion said...

Amen! The doors are open and let the 'favour' enter thy place.

dorcas said...

"Cast your net" God will unfold the new business strategic to you

cck said...

Thank you guys! Lead me Lord I pray