Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Father's Song

Animations - mnote13 A moment ago I just managed to sing Ivan to sleep. Yes, daddy blue eye boy was being lullabied by. It has been that from the moment we train Ivan to sleep on mattress when he turned 1 year old.

At first mommy is the one that sing. Don't know how the role changed. Most common one is A B C, twinkle twinkle little star, Hosanna in the highest and Give me oil. I sang this song almost so regular it became as if routine lullaby sleeping song.

Tonight, it was a bit different. It's no longer sound like lullaby to me, if not to Ivan also. It was a song of worship to Heavenly Father. The songs was sang from the heart. A warm felt heart. I just could keep on singing. Simple wonderful. And of course Ivan slept.

I encourage all fathers to sing the Father's song with their children. In my case it was two birds with one stone kind of situation. I worship and at the same time putting my son to sleep

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