Monday, May 26, 2008

Casting seeds

I just remember roughly a month plus ago I have registered Ivan for a musical class. My conversation with Rachel while we were googling with our babies reminded me of that decision.

Of late, Ivan has become restless more due to the arrival of his little sister who have might temporary taken the limelight from him. He is no longer the only entertainer in the family but two more not to mention also baby Sarah. He seems bored easily. Possible why he move around the house creating unwanted attention. This is not quite helping my mom who is now taking care of two babies.

We have taught of sending Ivan to nursery. However Ivan interests for music is undeniably prominent and strong. He specially loves drum. He would often take his crayons or toys to act as drum sticks to play. He would sings also. His favourite song for now is Hillsongs United - One Way, Jesus. I downloaded the video music concert from YouTube and ever since seeing it Ivan loves it.

That's bring me to decide to register him at Yamaha MusicKids which designed for kids at 3 years of age. It is 9 months programme with parental participation. Ivan is going to be 2 and half this July and that when his class going to start. Anyway it will depends on how Ivan receive it. Hope he likes it and able to brings out the musical talents lays within.


richrach said...

i think it's a good step as parent to help our children grow in this area.

Silas & i would consider doing that for Sarah when she's about that age too. hmmm.... or maybe, let me learn the syllabus and i teach her after that! hehe...

d'Lion said...

At the moment Ashley and Andrea is more interested in ballet. We did enroll them in music and movement before.

Have to see what the children's interest are at the moment.

sheela said...

so nice..hehe..May God guide you parents in providing the best for your kids and also nurturing them in the way He wants it to be done..My passion for music and my talent is a gift from God and also through my parents who always made me listen to music since young:P
So..God bless all the parents for their care and love:)

cck said...

Hey there Sheela. Your sharing is very encouraging. Thanks. Your perspective will be valuable since you are from the 'younger' generation. Drop by more la