Tuesday, May 6, 2008

There is only ONE

Indeed with the addition of new family member, there bound to be some sort of extension, be it emotionally, physically, materially and etc to compliment the increase. Simple demand and supply principle.

But when there are two children with only one stroller, this simple equilibrium just not working well. The existing stroller was purchased to chauffeur Ivan around. Now Ivan has difficulty to relinquish it to Reanne to use since she needed it most. Several occasions we have to distract Ivan in order to put Reanne to the stroller. Unfortunately it doesn’t last long before he clings to it again. Ivan is still in the learning stage of sharing with sibling. Other than that Ivan is pretty much protective of his sister.

Hmmmm…….we need solution, if not our mobility will be badly affected or worst grounded. So far we can see two options, either purchase a new buggy to cater Ivan or hope and pray Ivan going to grow out of the attachment issues. Former option sound more logical and practical.

We have to bear with the tug-of-war for now until we find a suitable buggy or the turning around of Ivan’s mindset.


d'Lion said...

We faced the same challenges on mobility, but in the end Ashley has out grown the stroller and so too now Andrea. Time will take its course.

joshua said...

Sorry can't comment but I have three strollers. Let me know if you need one.

cck said...

Thanks Jo. Very kind of you. Sure will consider.