Saturday, May 3, 2008

Labour of love

Yesterday public holiday for Labour Day, we got our chance to do some 'upgrading' shopping at Parkson Sales near our place.

We term it as 'upgrading' shopping because we really need to upgrade our children clothes especially Ivan. Time do past by furiously fast. As if just yesterday I was holding Ivan when he was just a baby. Now he is 2 years and 3 months old. Added to that Reanne who turned 2 and half months old also need some extra clothing as well. Anyway we can't act bias on any of our children. Along the way Ivan put up some resistance to try on new clothes (maybe he still prefer the old). Eventually we managed to buy for both of them. We are happy and contented feeling that we have blessed our children although they did not ask for it (actually they don't know how yet).

That brings to my realization into the bigger picture how much God Himself want to bless all His children even at times we don't ask for it. And we resist God when He tries to introduce new things in our life just because we prefer the old a.k.a comfort zone. I remember one person said that God actually, willingly and more eagerly to give all the best if just we can accept it or not.

Being parents sometime do bring that parallel and analogy
revelation of God Himself being our Father ever loving us. That is our Labour Day's labour of love.

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d'Lion said...

Amen! Get out of our comfort zone