Monday, May 26, 2008

Lord, let Thy mercy falls

After two weeks the death toll of the May 12 earthquake in southwest China's Sichuan Province has claimed 62,664 lives and left 358,816 injured and 23,775 missing. It was a 8.0 magnitude strong earthquake. Today an aftershock of 6.4 magnitude earthquake strike again!

I can't help it but to mourn with them the huge lost of live this Sichuan people have to go through. Many little children was tragically killed.

On May 19, almost the whole world mourn together with China through a candlelight memorial.

Lord, have mercy to the people of China. Let Your mercy falls unto this nation. For those who are still reported lost, Lord save them and reunite them to their family. Comfort those who have lost their loves one. Heal this traumatic experience from the hearts of those who survive. Most of all heal this nation I pray. Amen.

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