Thursday, May 15, 2008

Going Three

Today our dear baby girl is already 3 months old! Funny things is that she as though has been with us much longer then that. It has been a fascinating and challenging time last 90 days since Reanne was born.

Throughout this few short months, she has experience and seen quite a lot of things. She enjoyed her first Chinese New Year (Reanne was born on the 9th day of CNY), received her first Ang Pow, witnessed her first nation Election (Malaysia 12th election), celebrate her first Easter, enjoyed her first outstation vacation (at Kuantan) and celebrated first Mother's Day with mummy dearest. She even got promoted as older cousin sister when her younger cousin sister Sarah was born. (Click here to see photos of them together by Rachel). It is really a remarkable time for her and of course for us as parents as well.

Reanne has been really a blessing to both of us from the beginning. God has generously bless us with one son and one daughter. Chinese says it is a phrase of completeness when you has children of both opposite sex. We want to thank and honour God for His favour and love for us.

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