Saturday, January 10, 2009

Big saver

It was a well worth hunting that we did last Sunday that finally enable us to save...... a bit more to the wallet.

Few days before that the very essential breast pump we need around for Reanne was accidentally broken. Mummy was very frustrated. First because the pump was a bit costly tools which we brought it during Ivan breastfeeding period. Second, since it was broken mummy enable to extract milks for storage. So, it was pretty urgent to quickly get a new one.

We start an immediate search for it. It was not that the breast pump was difficult to find. In fact it was a very popular brand i.e. Avent which is available at most baby stores. The problem is that we wanted to safe as much for this re-investment. Retail priced at RM219 just for the pump set. Unfortunately we can't find any at Jusco, Parkson or other baby stores around our Kajang area even though it was sales period.

Then mummy found out that Babyjaya at Damansara Utama offered 20% discount for the specific pump that we are looking for. We waited until Sunday after worship service to drop by. It was our first time visiting the store. Thanks to my brother direction (whom been there before), we manage to found it. There it was......unbelievable only RM189. We just save ourselves RM30.

On the other hand, we also found something that we have been trying high and low looking around for. A multi purpose hook (RM17.90) to be added to the baby stroller. Talk about hunting for treasures.

Surely Babyjaya is quite a place we want to recommend for finding great products and bargains. Anyway they are still having sales promotion until 11th Jan 2009.

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