Saturday, January 24, 2009

Leave of absence

Some of you must have been thinking where and why on earth such a long absence. No worry my family and I are very much fine. There were so much going on for the last one week since my last post.

First I went to Cambodia from 14 - 16 Jan for work trip. Then my family and I when to Pangkor Laut Resort from 18 - 20 Jan being Soo Pei's office company trip. Afterwhich very much busy with works at the office to prepare for the long Chinese New Year festival break.

It is sure a lot of travelling for that one week. And being at places from one end to another. Am sure glad to be back blogging. Next few days will be busy again celebrating the incoming Lunar Ox year. That's remind me, I have already reached my 3rd circle of Ox year. You see when I was born 36 years ago, it was Ox year. The Chinese Zodiac repeat every 12 years. Mooooo..........

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