Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ivan attend music class

3rd Jan (Saturday) marked a starting of new learning curve for our boy Ivan. He started his first day of the Yamaha Music Kids at the Kajang Yamaha studio. I have previously brought him for the trial class one month ago.

This round is mummy turn to accompany him through the course for the next nine months. I on the other hand, get my hands full with taking care of Reanne by lepaking around the shopping centre.......for one hour. Not bad on my part as Reanne was very co-operative as I stroll her around while window shopping for my potential new year clothes.

After one hour is up, we showed up at the studio to see how the mummy-son team doing. While waiting Reanne shown an interest at a demo digital piano which being displayed there. I can't help it as I graped my camera starting to capture Reanne enthusiatic expression.....especially her fingers. Possible for an up and coming pianist when now we got ourselves a drummer?

Well, Ivan did ok for his first actual lesson. Mummy said he didn't participated much, may be just still shy. Need more of the breaking the ais things I guess. When we were on our car while driving back home, we can't help it but try to get some assurance of his new found interest. Yes, he still want to joint the class. And he actually know the lesson taught by the teacher as he repeated it with mummy when being asked. This boy really is a hard nut to crack with. Very much hope that he continue to enjoy the class with the rest of the kids (just only 4 of them including Ivan). We can see that he got some talent in music, the rest we trust God to bring it out and develop it.

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