Monday, January 12, 2009

Full of fun

Today and tomorrow, the Head of Departments and directors from my office is attending a 2 days course on Mind Mapping at IOI Merriott Hotel, Putrajaya.

From the beginning I know the course would be an interesting one since it cover the subject I am interesting in. In fact I have bought a book last year on Mind Mapping by Tony Buzan.....unfortunately have not finish it yet. So, a bonus to me to have a crashed course on the subject matter and reading about it. The course turns out more than what I expected. It's fun!!!

First the instructor/couch (Mr. KC Liew), is a great guy......both funny and easy going. Second, guess what he made all of us learn to juggle. Yes, I mean like the circus clown juggling with 3 balls. He literally gave each of us 3 small balls to do it. Every one is on it even our directors, MD and top managements. And every one is having fun!!!

Nevertheless we did learn a great deal about our brain. And how to train our mind to think, work and function better. I am looking forward for tomorrow on what will install for us.

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