Friday, January 2, 2009

It's no play play

JPJ have issued 242 summonses to drivers whose passengers did not buckle up at 28 locations nationwide at the first day of 2009.

Vehicle owners and passengers will be given until June 30 during which they will only be issued a compound fine of RM300 for not wearing the belts. From July 1, they can be fined up to RM2,000, jailed a maximum of one year or both under the Road Transport Act.

Looks like JPJ is working extra hard nowadays since they even rolled up their sleeves working throughout new year eve until the following new year enforcing the new seat belt ruling. Hope the extra afford pays off in long run in saving more life on the road provided the enforcement is being kept and maintained. In the meantime, I got to make sure my passengers is always buckle up too.


d'Lion said...

Hope they keep up the enforcement, not only for rear seat belts, front seat belts, driving while using handphone, motocyclist not wearing helmets,etc, etc...

cck said...

I 100% agreed. I wonder if the police is exempted from this cos I always see them not buckling up as driver. Talk about law enforcement:P

Mary-Janice said...

u know what..
I saw police car inside got 4ppl
and they not buckling up as well
and I saw it bad can't make it to snap the picture..if not i can put it in my blog...hahaha

cck said...

I got a question being asked today. Any idea about buckling the babies in the car?