Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Out of this world DSLR!!!

As I have just learned today from my Mind Mapping course, a child's brain (kindergarden level) can achieved 95% creativity compares to any age range. Being a daddy, I see it manifesting in my son, Ivan's imagination.

I guess it must been the daddy influence (love of photography), Ivan have develop his own as well. More than that.......he developed his very own DSLR camera! It's really no joke about it. See by your self. We didn't teach him. He must have been observing a lot since there is a lot of photographers with DSLR around anyway (except mine.....which is a pro-consumer DSLR). He combine several different type of his toy to made one CAMERA. Maybe should protect and patent his invention for property intelligent right :)

Really blow your mine away on how their imagination can really be.


d'Lion said...

Wahhh cool. He holds his "DSLR" just like daddy :-p

cck said...

Tat reminds me one of my 2009 goals to get hold a full DSLR camera so daddy can teach little photographer the proper ways. Its inspiring to see them likes wat you do.