Sunday, January 4, 2009

Potty anyone?

Out of the blue, we just try running a trial potty training for our little girl Reanne today. Anyway after coming home from Sunday service today in ther afternoon, Reanne still have not do her regular poo-poo yet. So, what the heck.....we decided to borrow Ivan potty for Reanne to try on. After some persuasion by mummy you know by doing the pushing sound, Reanne did do her 'business'. It's a big hurray for our little girl today. Keep up the good 'business' Mei Mei!


richrach said...

haha.. this is so cool.
i was planning to do that on sarah too, but just dono when is the right time... is it now? am afraid she wont sit still :)

d'Lion said...

Hurray for the potty poo poo

cck said...

Really thank God for Reanne latest development. Her appetite was growing compared to the past. Taking more porridge already. Looks rounder and heavier already.

For Sarah, no harm trying on her. Just let her have a feel then with routine schedule for her to get use to it.