Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Be strong and courages

All the family members - Yeh Yeh, Nai Nai, Su Su and Shen Shen turned out last Sunday to give a full support to little big brother Ivan for his 1st ever music class group performance. Ivan music school was one of the exhibitor for Kids Exhibition at Metro Point Kajang. His group being the youngest was the first to present their dance performance.

As parents we were also very excited about the presentation. We were there early to avoid stress of rushing. Furthermore being there early will provide sufficient time for Ivan to settle down and amble around. Prior to that, mummy already made a cape as required for the dance performance. There were many colourful and style cape seen that day when other parents dressed up their children. Mummy also busy dressing up Ivan as their are getting ready to start the show.

Ivan, being 'shy' somehow reluctant to join in as the children march up the stage. Both us of try to encourage him but he still refuses to. We also notice another little girl also refuse to go up. We were not really disappointed as we know his character. We were hoping for a sudden miracle of courage for him to join in the performance. Well, it was quite an experience for both of us. We believe our little boy will overcome it soon and out grown this 'shyness'.


Melok said...

I'll remember myself oso very shy at Ivan's age, got stage phobia...until I was 6.

cck said...

I guess that's what some kids go thru. Lot of encouragement should able to boost his courage