Sunday, June 7, 2009

Putrajaya dragon boat festival

We didn't miss out the 1st ever dragon boat festival held at Putrajaya last Saturday.

First, the location was pretty obscure as the official website didn't provide any map. All it mentioned was Putrajaya Lake Garden. Soon I found out that it is held at Precint 6 beside the newly opened Pullman hotel, just nearby PICC (Putrajaya International Convention Centre). Second, even when we are there we have difficult time to find a good and decent signage to guide visitor there. Not really good first impression for an international event.

Anyhow, lets forget the shortfall but the family trip we had. 7 of us were there i.e. Silas, Rachel, little Sarah and my family. Overall we did enjoy ourselves. Suprisingly it is not the dragon boat race but a free horse ride that really trill us (kids and adults la). One thing for sure, the facilities there were good, with one grandstand for visitors, observation tower and boat deck. Under a shinny hot sun, our outing only last 1.5 hours. It's just very hot!

Horse riding for everybody!

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