Saturday, June 27, 2009

Grounded but.....

Wow, it has already been 2 weeks since the kids (started with Reanne) were detected with HFM disease. Ever since that day, the kids had to be grounded (you can say house arrested by the parents against their will).
We have no other choice as the HFM is so contagious. We don't want to spread the 'trouble' to any people around us. As adults we also limited our activities with other people besides going to works. We missed the big day to celebrate Pei's mom birthday and Father's day celebration. The kids also missed their Ah Kong and Ah Mah as the result of that 'grounded' policy.
But.......good news is here. Reanne is fully recovered - no more visible rashes and scars at her hands and feets. Ivan's on the other hand, is almost there with his rashes healing up and diminishing scars. Sarah also fast recovering with her rashes drying up. The most contagious period is the 1 week of the HFM development. Even after a month, the virus may continue to be excreted in the stools. We are definitely glab the worst is over. Thank God for His covering upon the little ones.
So be prepared, the gates will be opened up soon. The kids are earger to lash out from their 'cell'.


joshua said...

I bet that they will be very glad to be FREE AT LAST!

Thanks to daddy and mommy for imprisoning them! 8D

d'Lion said...

FREEdommmm, yahoo.

cck said...

Freedom for all! Yeah, mommy and daddy is also free :P