Monday, June 1, 2009

Special Parking Lots

A photo speaks a thousand words don't they.

In our house, there are 3 additional cars.......toy cars. The cars have a dedicated parking lot by making used of the children grandpa's aquarium storage space.

During busy day, all 3 cars will be roaming around the house from kitchen to living area. Pretty hectic scene with traffic all around. The busiest car is non other than Ivan's car. Did I mentioned also that the children like to swap their car among each other. Kids!


richrach said...

haha... so cute! :)

can i put this in my blog too? kekeke... :D

melok said...

I like this photo!!

cck said...

Rachel: sure no prob.

Melok: something interesting that ought to be captured

Tandanie said...

Really cute... sounded like the house is turning into a toy shop.

cck said...

Hey Danielle, nice of you to down by. Just got to know your are also blogging. Great!