Friday, June 12, 2009

Hand, Foot and Mouth disease attack

All the three little ones; Reanne, Ivan and Sarah has been confirmed infected with Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (HRMD). It happened so fast.

It all started on Thursday evening when Reanne started to have fever after developing cough and sore throat. The next day her fever when very high to the region of 39C making us very very concern even though medication was taken. Her temperature keeps fluctuating between 39C the whole Friday. We brought her to have a second visit to another clinic by Dr. Lee. This time around the medication works well and brought her temperature down below 39C. She was getting better the next day as her fever subsided further below 38C.

Unfortunately another surprise caught us when my aunt discover Reanne palm and feet developing rashes. She quickly warned us of possible HFMD. Another round of doctor visit we go but since it was late night, we went to a medical centre. The medical officer (no doctor around) said it was a mild HFMD and asked us to monitor further. It was only yesterday, we brought Reanne back to Dr. Lee and he confirmed it. Thank God it was not the hazardous time. Poor Sarah got it on Sunday and so is Ivan.
I assume all three of them have to be guarantine at home for next 2 weeks to a month just in case. Not wanting to spread it to any kids further.
For details reading of HFMD, please read here


d'Lion said...

Lord heal the children from this virus and comfort them from the rash and fever. In Jesus name. Amen.

cck said...

Amen. So far Reanne has been recovering. Not so for Ivan who just started with blister/rash outbreak. Sarah on the other hand loss appetite but also recovering.

joshua said...

Thanks bros for your prayers.

Despite the downs, we will still praise the Lord!