Thursday, June 4, 2009

Zoo Negara in poor condition

After reading a comment sent to The StarOnline about the poor condition of our Zoo Negara by a recent FRUSTRATED VISITOR, it further confirm my reservation about the once popular tourist spot. I have not been there for years......maybe more than 10 or 15 years! Just few days ago I listed down this place as one of the option for family outing. Looks like it will not be happening with that kind of comment.

There were news to relocate the zoo but until now still just talk. The location itself is not suitable anymore as it is surrounded by residential houses. I believe the place has been long overlooked. It needs a dedicated management to replan its overall improvement starting with a new location. For now my kids gonna wait for awile to find a better local zoo to visit.

This is what the comments given, "The animals looked under-fed, dirty and unhappy, surrounded by untrimmed bushes and uncut grass, incomplete renovation and expansion work, filthy walls and drains and other unsightly scenery".

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