Monday, June 1, 2009

Handmade drum set

As part of the preparation for Ivan's music class graduation presentation set to be held on this coming 20th June, one of the required accessories costume is a drum set.

Last week I managed to complete it after spending few days in the project. It take several stages to transform an ordinary used cookies container to become a drum. By the way, it was my first ever drum set made entirely from scratch given that I has no experience even from my school days. Except that I used to be a drummer long long time ago. It was fun.

How to make a drum set
  1. Spray paint unto the used cookies container with a paint canister. Easily obtained from hardware shop or stationary shop. Recommend 2 coats, each after drying.
  2. Glue various coloured ribbon unto dried surface to create the desire patterns with glue gun. The glue gun was fantastic and very useful but must be quick to apply as it stick and dry very fast.
  3. Fix and glue unto the top and bottom of canister with a layer of foam. I was fortunate to be able to find it at a stationary shop. It produce a good snare drum sound. Again the glue gun came very handy to fix the foam firmly.
  4. Apply and glue another layer of ribbon around the top and bottom of the canister ring as skirting to neatly cover the foam joins.
  5. Finaly beautify the drum with ready made stickers of the desire patterns. And you got yourselves a drum!
Of course, all is not vain as Ivan was very satisfied with the end product. Nevertherless it made a happy father as well. Next is to see him used it during his presentation.


richrach said...

parents! these days... :p

melok said...

Nice DIY work, can't wait to c Ivan's performance.

cck said...

Hope he will goes up to perform. He still shy away from public appearance.