Monday, June 1, 2009


Today my family starts a new chapter in our life as Pei re-position herself.

As of now her role will change from a working mom to stay-at-home mom (I don't quite like the term of housewife...... sound so mundane and less impact). Housewife gives me the feeling of the wife is taking care the house.....full stop and nothing else. There are much more that meets the eyes. A very powerful position to be as mother who choose to stay-at-home taking care of the childrens (first and foremost) next the career, business and thereafter the house. Not forgetting the husband also la.

She resigned from her current circular office job and worked her last day until 29th May 2009. She has been looking forward for this day for sometime already. She is definitely excited about it. It is role she feels fulfilling about.....especially when you are a mother.

This changes came as we feels we need to do more for our childrens wellbeing. Ivan is already 3 years plus together with Reanne who is growing fast passing her 1st year toddler age. Both are in a critical growing path. A period where sowing, cultivating and grooming need to be set as strong foundation stage for their future success. Not that we want to make them billionaire but more so becoming a successful person with good values and principles in their life.
Well like what they say, mother know best for their children. Frankly I agreed.
Lord, lead us here onwards. Grand Pei the wisdom, the know how and understanding to take this new role as she re-position herself today. Blessed her with joy and strength for the sacrifice she made and reward her with fulfillments as mother would.


melok said...

All d best to Jie Jie, Reanne & Ivan is very lucky to have a mum who cares for them so much.

cck said...

A new journey to begin with for the whole family. Pray that it will further improve the family well being.