Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Call of duty

I was on duty last Friday evening to do video recording for church seminar on Apostolic Leadership by Pastor Joseph Bowes. Pastor Joseph is from Australia and an old acquaintance of Pastor Dexter.

I reached PJ quite early about 7pm. So went for dinner on my own at the nearest restaurant. Didn't want to eat the regular staff so went to an indian restaurant, Kanna Curry House which is just a stone throw away from church. Quite a while I didn't dine there. Ordered a chapathi, one curry chicken dish as accompaniment and masala tea. Total RM9.30. Looks simple but the price tells you otherwise. Nevertheless I enjoyed my food........alone.
I setup the video camera together with Olivia the sound engineer of the day for getting ready to shooting. It has been two month plus the last I touch the video camera. While I record, I also listening to the topic being shared by Pastor Joseph. My duty on that day was blessed and worth while one. I also managed to have a chat with Pastor Joseph at the end of the session. Turns out both of us has a common background, construction as he formerly a Mechanical and Electrical engineer before being full time pastor.
As we serve, God will definitely bless us when we take up the the call of duty.


Mary-Janice said...

oh yes...

soldier on standby!

richrach said...

glad that u are blessed by Apostle JoBo's ministry while on the call of duty.

God bless u, bro!