Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Towing Charges

Be mindful from now on when you think you want to call for a towing service if or when your vehicle is down somewhere on the road. The location whether is in city limits or highway makes a lot of different from now. I mean A LOT of different is $$$$$$.

As announced towing charges are up by between 25% and 50%
, depending on location, with immediate effect.

Federation of Automobile Workshop Owners Association of Malaysia president Cho Chee Seng, citing rising costs, said the recommended fees within city limits (or for the first 20km) were RM100 for daytime towing and RM150 for night towing.

For towing on the highway, charges would be RM150 for the first 20km during the day, and RM200 at night.

For every additional kilometre, the charge would be RM1 (day) and RM2 (night).

Previously, tow truck drivers charged RM80 for daytime towing and RM110 for night towing within city limits, and RM100 and RM150, respectively, for towing on the highway.


joshua said...

Man, we have to drive very carefully.

At the same time, pray very hard that every driver in front, at the back, left and right to drive carefully too

cck said...

I understand what you mean from your recent experience