Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hey, it's you

I realized by now, friendships that we have established, fostered and cherished will not easily be diminished with time. Be it many, many season ago and those which just started.

In this case, a friend and classmate of mine which we didn't see or contact for 16 years. We bum into each other at a paediatrician clinic when my friend together with his wife and daughter were visiting. I noticed him the moment we see each other when I came out from the clinic. Thank God I still can remember his name to call him or else will be a little awkward trying to explain where we have met and who I am. Anyway the way I see it, my friend hardly change a bit. Maybe that's why I can recognized him immediately. We are classmate during our Six Form student time.

We chat for while at the meantime exchanging phone number and cards. It's really feel great to able to reconnect some the past via our friends.

So, as we continue to make friends do bear in mind it will return back to you one day. I definitely sure!

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d'Lion said...

Its a cycle of life... we always bum and meet our old friends and acquaintances.