Thursday, July 3, 2008

On the street

Do anticipate this Sunday morning (6 July) will not be like any other normal Sunday at Jalan Timur (Amcorp Mall area), PJ. Why? Because there will be or targeted 1 million souls on the street for mammoth anti-fuel price hike rally.

I guess better carefully plans my route to church to avoid the crowds. Special forces and cops will definitely be sent out to 'control' the situation. Just imagine the road blocks, road diversion etc, etc then you will get a better picture of the scene will be.

I am not really an outspoken person nor street protester but my view and thoughts is as like mind to the majority that affected by the fuel hike. I reckon that the people have no other platform and channel to convey their frustration, dislike or disagreement but to opt for this type of rally. Moreover, rally is not a common things in this country. Often then not it always link to negatives aspect of it like violence, vandalism and street fights. On the other hands, it can be as normal like a gathering for a cause, a good cause with no treats or what so ever.

I salute this brave souls with their brave hearts for carrying this cause to convey a message. A message that they hope responsible, righteous and proactive influential figures will take close to their hearts.


d'Lion said...

Moved to Kelana Jaya stadium bro.

cck said...

yeap. Now got army forces to join in the fun! Pray it will not turn nasty