Thursday, July 10, 2008

Section 17 Wantan Mee

Yahoo, our no. 100th post

Sunday after church service, Silas and Rachel brought my family to Section 17, Petaling Jaya for lunch. At first wanted to eat the meat noddle but there was big crowd. So we eat at wantan mee restaurant just few shops away from our original destination.

Overall the wantan mee is not bad. The noddle was home made based on the taste and texture. I ate the soup type with dumpling......yum, yum. Ivan shared with mummy eating the dried wantam mee. Silas and Rachel also eat the dried type (I think so). Much improvement is seem in Ivan capability to eat on his own with less mess that is.

While eating, I noted the notice the owner placed informing of the price adjustment they have to made due to increase in raw material effective 1 July. Getting a bit sick of the price hike issue already. It is just every where of every single things. What a bummer. Well, still have to eat rite?!

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d'Lion said...

I too wan 1 Ton mee :D