Saturday, July 5, 2008

Pregnant Man

As someone used to say "I kid you not", this article caught my eyes. It's like M. Night Shyamalan 's film The Sixth Sense, I have been fooled. How could a man be pregnant and moreover gave birth to a baby? Logically no way.

Can it be possible just like the film 'Junior' portraying Arnold Schwarzenegger being a scientist of a fertility research project, agrees to carry a pregnancy in his own body and later gave birth with the help of Danny DeVito???

Well in this case, an American man who was born female but subsequently underwent gender reassignment has given birth to a girl. Thomas Beatie, 34, is legally male but kept his female reproductive organs after having breast surgery to remove glands and flatten his chest.

There you have it. Feels like being fool isn't it.

2 things just not right. 'She' changed herself to 'him' and later 'pregnant' himself to 'give birth' like a 'woman'. So twisted. Man have perverted God's original plans and purposes.

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