Thursday, July 31, 2008

'Stinky' feast

The unavoidable feast finally came. It lasted 2 days in a roll. Unbelievable how people would go to such extend and affort to enjoy it. And it starts with the distinctive smell from the beloved king of fruit - DURIAN.

My dad purposely ordered and brought it back all the way from Tanjung Malim. Through my uncle's friend there, my dad brought about 30 durians with a very reasonable price that you only can imagine in KL. It comes with a free gunny sag of mangosteen! We have shared the 'treasure' with my other aunties and dad's friend. The balance was 'slaughtered' by my family.

The fruit is just too 'irresistible'. All the kids went for it that's include Reanne and Sarah. Imagine durian was their first solid food or in this case fruit! Ivan no doubt is very familiar with it as he
have been introduced to it much earlier already. Totally liking it!!!

Day 1 - Charge!!!
The master durian cracker was none other than my dad

Just look at that 'meat'

Totally into it.

Day 2 - Take no prisoner!

Just can't have enough of it. Sarah was not being left behind too, as mummy sink in.


d'Lion said...

Warrr, I want also. So cute to see even the children eating durian.

cck said...

Bro, wat r u doin at 5.46am? Tat's very early lo. Sudden durian craving?

richrach said...

BURP!!! :-"

cck said...

There goes the fermented durian smell......

dorcas said...

wow... durians! i can smell it now.

i got kaki here... durian lover