Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Steamy Birthday

I have to say that this few weeks is particularly busy celebrating..................birthday. June was Ely and Seng Woo birthday. This month July we got two new ones......Juan and Soo Pei (mummy).

This round we combine the celebration together and have it at Seng Woo & Sarah's house. Very kind of them to once again being the host of the event. Ely on the other hand, offered to prepare the porridge steamboat with the porridge cooked by her. I must say she did a great job. Taste fantastic. The ingredient were purchased separately. All was done by her alone. No doubt she is very good in food preparation and cooking.

We ate and ate and ate until all of our stomach were bulge! So full......burp!!! Even Ivan and Ern Chee enjoying the steamboats. Reanne for now only can watch :p

The 'fruity birthday cake' was specially made by Sarah & Seng Woo.


joshua said...

Blessed birthday, Juan and Soo Pei.


Why do I see two candles? One for b-day boy, another for b-day, girl?

d'Lion said...

Happy birthday to you n you
Happy birthday to you n you
Happy birthday to Soo Pei n Juannnnn
Happy birthday to you n you