Thursday, July 10, 2008

Morning Blues

Do you notice something not quite the same in the morning lately. The absence of it makes me feel blues and more like missing it.

My morning drive to works always if not most of the time accompanied with my favourite FM channel LiteFM. The popular deejay personalities was none other than Simon and Caroline. Something about them that makes the morning chemistry a 'feel' good factor.

Unfortunately things have changed. Caroline was no longer with LiteFM. That's what I know thus far as the site no longer display her profile. Simon and Caroline was substituted by PK and Sara
. Simon on the other hand team up with another deejay.

Hai..................................Caroline where art thou?

1 comment:

d'Lion said...

I listen to Lite FM every morning...

Yes Simon and Caroline are no more in this slot, PK and Sara taking over. Changes have to happen sooner or later.