Wednesday, July 16, 2008

High Five

Hurray, our little baby girl have turn five months old already today!

Some of the milestone she have gone through is able to hold her head steady when held upright. She loves kicking her legs especially her left leg. Swinging both of her arms. Graping on things. She even know how to pinch people. She also like to bounce while being hold on her arms. Pushing people or things away if she don't like it. Likes to bite her own lips. Getting to be more vocal. She will cries or makes noice if left unattended. Able to recognise people and places and react if being hold by strangers or at a unfamiliar places.

However, she still not keen on bottle feeding. She will only consume very little until mummy comes home to breastfeed her directly. Hopes she will overcome it from this month onwards for better and constant bottle feeding.

On the other hand, mummy already planning to start Reanne on weaning for solid foods.

We pray that everythings is in its order and according to God's plans.


richrach said...

"Blessed 5 mth old, cousin jj!"

from 4 mth old mei mei... :)

cck said...

Sarah mei mei grows very well indeed. Btw blessed 4 mth old little Sarah. I heard you got 2 jabs yesterday. Ouch!