Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Alone at down town train

On Monday I went to KL city centre at Masjid Jamed by taking LRT. First I drove from my office to the nearest station which is at Sri Petaling. Just mere 20 minutes later I was already at my destination. Not bad when that evening was raining. My friend whom I supposed to meet was not so fortunate. Stuck inside KL traffic jam about 20 minute before able to meet me at Masjid Jamed. While waiting I sat at the nearby bus stand firstly to get shelter and justing looking around trying to kill some time. Feeling like the good old days way before I can own a car then. Anyway I was not in a hurry.

On my way back I was literally left alone inside one of the LRT carriage after all the rest have gone. The station I wanted to return to was the last station. So....alone lo. First time. A bit weird. Deserted.
Throughout the whole journey if I didn't take LRT I would be late, stuck in jam, stressed, frustrated, temper boiled inside my car. Thank God for such a good public transport. The government really have to invest on it and improve for the people best interest.....the poor and average earner. And sometimes for people like me :)

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d'Lion said...

The govt have to improve further the 'good public transport'.

It makes a lot of difference on which direction you are going and at what time you take the trains.