Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Malaysia rated "high risk"

I don't know but to incline my thoughts more to the following report done by a non-Malaysian consultant in relation to the financial crisis the world is facing now. We are at "risk" they said. But, but, but..... our Finance Ministry said the otherwise.

Most often then not, third party evaluation on us (whether as individual or corporate) tend to carry more weight than our on assessment. We sometimes thought we know ourselves very well inside out. But others view is important also as check and balance. If both views stand comparable, then no worries should arise. Important is we get the true picture so that we are able to prepare and face the situation. So are we well informed and prepared?

Malaysia is rated as "high risk" while Singapore is well-positioned to weather the economic slowdown because of its political and social stability, says Hong Kong-based Political & Economic Risk Consultancy.

Its analysts ranked Singapore as having the least political and social risks next year among 16 territories in Asia-Pacific, according to a summary of its 87-page report released to the media yesterday. Malaysia, Thailand and India were ranked as the most risky because of internal developments.

The report found that while Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia could be hurt the most by the crisis, they were the most stable politically and socially.On a scale of zero for the least risky to 10 for the most, Singapore scored 2.76, followed by Australia (2.9) and Hong Kong (3.23). Most risky are India (6.87), Thailand (6.28) and Malaysia (6.07). They are vulnerable not so much to the financial fallout but due to internal developments, the report added.

Further details from The Straits Times, Singapore.


richrach said...

all i can say is... "Malaysia, WAKE UP!"

cck said...

Right on! We better do as God with our side.