Friday, October 17, 2008

Gone the fever came the rashes

Our poor little Reanne. After the fever have gone and subsided now rashes appeared around her body. Most prominent is her face. The rashes somehow appeared since yesterday afternoon. We were surprised to see this happened.

We quickly seek the advice from doctor if this rashes is of any 'mischievous' symptoms. Thank God its not. Just an after effect of viral fever. Doctor gave a prescription Antihistamine to relief the rashes. During the night, Reanne struggle to sleep. She was uneasy and restless...rolled and crawled here and there. Worst she fell down from our bed as she tries to settle herself. Our hearts sank. Mummy and I quickly tuck her in our arms to comfort her while checking any bruises or bump at her head. Again thank God nothing serious. I think Reanne was a bit shock. This is a bit too much to take for our baby girl yesterday. Lord, please protect our baby girl from viral attack, heal her from the rashes and protect her from accidents, falls and that no harms or injuries shall come near her. Cover her with the blood of Jesus. In Jesus' name.

This morning she slept soundly. Too tired after all the night incidents :(

Antihistamines are drugs which combat the effects of histamine. Histamine is a chemical released by certain cells of the body (mast cells): during an allergic reaction; when reacting to mechanical trauma of the skin; in response to stings and insect bites.

The antihistamines are helpful for treating:

  • Hay fever (seasonal allergic rhinitis)
  • Other nasal allergies
  • Itch and itchy rashes including urticaria or hives.
  • Insect bites and stings
  • Allergy, including severe forms

Sometimes being use of their side effects (only specific antihistamines):

  • To reduce nausea and sickness, including motion sickness
  • To help sleep
  • To dry secretions


d'Lion said...

Oh Lord, take away the rashes from Reanne's body,

cck said...

Thank Uncle Daniel. Amen. My neighbor's daughter (7 months) also same condition but more severe - rashes after viral fever. Lord, protect all babies out there from this viral fever outbreak.

richrach said...

In Jesus name, Amen!
Thank God that Reanne's recovering!

cck said...

Yeap. Thank God the rashes have gone. But Reanne still don't quite able to get herself to sleep easily. The same turn, roll and twist in the night.

richrach said...

CK, y not opt for her to sleep on the floor instead? mebe another mattress nearer to the bbcot? (away from ivan of cuz! keke)

i found sarah once on the floor too, but it was ok cuz we all sleep on the floor, else, i think she will have tht same encounter about falling off the bed.

hmm... or how about change the position of ur bed? so that part of the bed faces the wall? so u get added security there... hmmm... but then again, need lotsa pillow la... cuz like sarah, she knocked her head on the wall too as she "sleep crawl"!