Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Yesterday was milk then cookies now Eggs!

Melamine in Chinese Eggs! There seems to be no end to the melamine contamination crisis in the food found at China lately. What thought to be only on milk formula now have let to massive food safety concern. Hong Kong authorities take no less concern with latest afford even to test China meat. So what next?

Excessive levels of the industrial chemical melamine in Chinese eggs might be traced to feed given to chickens, the Hong Kong government said late Saturday. The government said in a statement it found 4.7 parts per million of melamine in the eggs produced by a division of China's Dalian Hanwei Enterprise Group based in the northeastern port city Dalian. The legal limit of melamine in Hong Kong is 2.5 ppm. Hong Kong Secretary for Food and Health said the melamine may have come from feed given to the chickens that laid the eggs. The new results have prompted officials to expand food testing to meat imports from China.

In an earlier egg-related food safety scare, the banned cancer-causing industrial dye, Sudan Red, was used to color egg yolks.

Click here to view the HK Centre of Food Safety test result.


richrach said...

Should check on KFC now...

cck said...

Oh yeah ha?! KFC will be sure out of biznes if it happen.