Friday, October 10, 2008

Taro biscuit to be withdrawn

The Health Ministry has ordered Taro brand biscuit produced by Bairong to be withdrawn from the market with immediate effect after tests showed it contained melamine above the permissible level.

The ministry’s food quality and safety division director, Noraini Mohd Othman, said in a statement yesterday the product contained above the 75ppm (parts per million) level of melamine that is permitted.

The statement added that 12 products analysed by the division were found to meet the ministry’s standard for melamine content.

They are Fruit Jelly Stick (Motion), Genuine Pearl Jelly (Tian Tian), Lobster Peanut Crisp (Cap Layang), 888 (Egg & Milk Filling) (Vigor 888), Rice Crackers (Wang Wang), Biscuit Sticks (Four Seas). Mini Poppers Chocolate Flavoured (Walls), White Coffee 3in1 (Dali Coffee Beverage), Apple Sandwich Biscuits (Bairong), Colourfull Party (Cherry & Apple Biscuits) (Bairong), Almond Cakes (Fu Die Lai) and Curtes Chocolate (Giff).

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