Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Up and down

So there you go. Our soon-to-be retired PM announced yesterday yet another price reduction (3rd round to be exact) of petrol at 14.8% from RM2.70/litre to RM2.30/litre. And diesel from RM2.58/litre to RM2.20/litre, average 14.7%.

May I ask, does it make things change for the better? Most likely very little, if not none......too minute to measure. But I would definite be a happy Malaysian when TNB to reduce their tariff by 14.8% in tandem with the percentage of reduction of petrol. Actually shouldn't TNB do it immediately when now their cost also have been reduced?! If they don't, it a 'day light robbery'!

I guess this is like the popular saying, "What goes up, don't come down".

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