Friday, October 24, 2008


This few days Pei and I have been on the hi-touch. Err.....not touchy touchy things la. More like communicating. An upgrading to our personal connection via current modern and high technologies. Some of you might have already been doing it. I guess we are late comer on this subject matters. Anyway it was fun, interesting and refreshing since it is very new to us both. We are keeping our distance so much closer now. Time and geographical location no longer post as obstruction.

Yupp, we are connected via Google Chat. Ok, ok.....not really a big deal isn't it to some of you. But it was a quantum leap for us. Not only that, we also make use of Google Calender to plan our family schedule, appointment and activities. Both of us synchronize our time schedule so as both will able to know each other is doing what and where. Now we can get hold of each other not only through phone while away but also with much wider platform of communication. What a wonder technologies provided.

Next step, hope Pei able to blog also. And maybe Facebook too. Indeed it has been a great adventure for both of us.


richrach said...

Great to hear! It's never too late to be in "hi-touch"! :)

cck said...

Just hope the old fashion face-to-face conversation would be replace entirely by gadgets. You what I mean if you have watched Wall-E movie.

richrach said...

oops... u mean "wont be replaced".. right?

imagine... next time, ur wife ask u about your day and u reply, "Read My Blog!"

cck said...

Pardon me. Should be 'won't be'. I can't imagine that if it happen. Then our spouse will says... complain it to the blog la...;P