Friday, October 17, 2008

The Rabbits are back

The White Rabbit creamy candies are back in China.

A total of 1,027 tonnes of White Rabbit creamy candies have been cleared of melamine by city authorities and are available domestically and worldwide again from 16 Oct. The producer of China's iconic White Rabbit milk candy has put on green label on the candy's packing to show the product is free of melamine, three weeks after a sales halt amid the wide-spread tainted milk scandal. The candy taking on a new look began its return to market on Wednesday, as the products had passed Shanghai quality supervision administration tests. The melamine-free candy would be supplied first to the Shanghai market, where the company is located, and then to other parts of China and then foreign countries.

I still have my reservation on the candies. Anyhow staying away from sugary stuff is beneficial in long terms for our kids and ourselves alike.

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