Wednesday, October 29, 2008

First Bicycle

Thanks to my aunt (Ivan's grand aunt), Ivan got a an early Christmas gift. My aunt gave Ivan the kid bicycle which used to be my cousin's. The bicycle still in good condition and further more tune up by my uncle who own a bicycle shop. Many thanks to my aunt and uncle.

Right now still haven't got the chance to let Ivan try it out preferably at the park. So Ivan just got to be satisfied temporary riding on it inside the house........stationary. Anyhow for safety reason the bicycle will be kept in a corner until Ivan knows how to handle it. Again Ivan was very blessed with such gifts from all his uncles and aunties. Also not forgetting God for His provision.

Lance Amstrong in the making?

Look at the sweat


d'Lion said...

Good workout huh Ivan.

cck said...

Ivan have not even started cycling yet. Wait till when he do

Cheryl said...

Ni-ler, pasat bapak. Mo anak dia jadi 'Lance Armstrong'. (LOL)
Young s they r, it's good 2 train em 2 striVe hard, and also instil tht, wif GOD's help, they can make it 2 d tOp!!! d jOy of the LORD is oUr sTRENGTh!!!
C...lil iVan sooo serious, no 'pley-pley' oNe!
"JESUS takes d wheeeeeeeeeeel"