Tuesday, October 28, 2008

First trunk

It was an unusual purchased we made yesterday when we were at Jusco. But it was an intended and planned item. In fact it was the first item we bought when we reached there. Finally Ivan have his first swimming trunk. As I recall it I don't even own one when I was his age. Back then we 'telanjang'! Yeap bear it all. Who cares anyway. We were just kids.

It wasn't an easy purchase belief me. Ivan just refused to try it out. In fact he usually don't allow so. Persuasion was futile. The promoter did assure us that it fit him well. If not still can return for change of size.

The story didn't end there yet as we try another round of persuasion at home. But..........Ivan still won't gives in. Maybe just maybe we talk him into it during bath time. What do you think? Any bright idea?


richrach said...

Oh boy... and this daddy was laughing while the poor boy was crying while attempting to put the trunks on him!

cck said...

The daddy have crack his head twice to get it on. I guess the laughter came after the 'crack' head. Good news. Managed to get Ivan put in on yesterday after persuaded him that it will be used for swimming at the waterfall. Ivan loves waterfall! And the trunk fits nicely.